I am so sick of being sick.

It’s not even funny.

I almost died a few months back.

And now.

I have tonsillitis.

Who in the fuck gets that!?

How in the fuck?

Then on top of it I can’t be a woman and bleed properly once a month.

Is my body against me?

No period.

Two months.

Then BAM!

Rabdom bleeding.

I keep telling myself it’s okay.

It’s fine.

But I’m scaree something big is coming.


Half is missing

I can’t get angry.

I can’t get it out.

I can’t express myself.

You always cut me off.

Or talk over me.

I hate it.

Aren’t we lovers?


Then why do I feel so alone?


Family truths

It doesn’t matter how hard I try.

Or what I do.

Nothing is ever good enough for you.

I always push.

I always fight.

You don’t seem to understand my might.

You don’t listen.

And ignore my side.

I don’t even see why I try.

Anger festers, pesters, and falls.

You may be family,

but you don’t know it all.

The Color Black

On the inside I can feel it.

The growth of my souls color.

The black envelop I’m in.

I can feel the cold chills.

I can feel the long days growing short.

I watch when no one is around.

When the time is right,

I will strike.

I will eat you whole.

You are light.

I am every nightmare.

Every fear.

I am every mean comment or rude girl.

I feed on you.

On your fear.

I am the color black.

Embrace me. image.jpg